GWE Buddies Program

Are you a returning graduate student who would like to help a first year grad student adjust to Berkeley? Are you a first year grad student who would like an older grad student to answer your questions and show you the ropes of grad school? Join our buddies program!

The purpose of the GWE Buddies Program is to help first year graduate students feel more included in the community at UC Berkeley. This program pairs first year graduate students with returning graduate students in GWE as an informal resource for learning the ropes of grad school.

Enrollment is currently closed for this program, but if you reach out to Kalie at we might be able to accomodate late enrollment.

Program Requirements

  • Attend at least one PhD 101 workshop together
  • Meet up at least once per month
  • Fill out the log form each time you complete a requirement

Important Links


Program Timeline


  • Sign up for program


  • Indicate buddy preference
  • Buddies sent out
  • PhD 101 series begins – “Welcome to Berkeley” and “Fellowships 101”


  • Pairs are expected to have met up at least once
  • PhD 101 series – “Adulting 101”


  • PhD 101 series – “Advisor/Advisee Relationships”
  • Pairs must have attended at least one PhD 101 workshop


  • Program closes for this semester
  • Feedback solicited

Email Kalie at with any questions.